This is the Package repository of It is used for internal distribution of locally built packages not yet part of Debian. Feel free to use it for yourself, but it comes at no warranty.

How to use

In your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb testing main
deb-src testing main
testing is built against Debian testing. You can replace that with unstable if you wish to use packages built against debian unstable.

Adding the archive key to your keyring

This archive, and the packages contained in it, can be cryptographically verified. This requires you to add the LEAP archive signing key to apt, enabling it as a trusted key to sign the package repository.

To do this, you can do the following:

# gpg --recv-key 0x1E34A1828E207901
# gpg --fingerprint 0x1E34A1828E207901 | grep fingerprint
Key fingerprint = 1E45 3B2C E87B EE2F 7DFE  9966 1E34 A182 8E20 7901

If the fingerprint matches, you can tell apt to trust it. To do that, do the following:

# gpg --armor --export 0x1E34A1828E207901  | sudo apt-key add - 
# apt-get update

Then you should be able to do an apt-get update without key errors. Now you should install the 'leap-keyring' package, which will get you key updates automatically:

# apt-get install leap-keyring

Browsing the archive